Motorola one hyper maximizes your experiences

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From the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment your head hits the pillow at night, you need the best technology to enhance your next great adventure, no matter if it is a busy day at work or visiting a unique destination on vacation.

This is motorola one hyper, a new smartphone with a cutting-edge camera system; an ultra-high resolution 64-megapixel main camera and 32-megapixel pop-up selfie cam; an amazing uninterrupted 6.5″ Full HD+ edge to edge display; and insanely powerful charging system with a massive battery.

New charging era: power for the day in only 10 minutes

motorola one hyper introduces an industry-leading 45W Hyper Charging technology, a brand new advanced charging that will change the way you look at battery life. The technology is perfect for a busy world where consumers don’t have time to wait for charging their phones, giving you 12 hours of power in 10 minutes of charging and fills your phone’s battery to 75% in just 30 minutes.

The motorola one hyper also has a 4,000 mAh battery that can power your phone for 38 hours of continuous use, so you can power through the whole day and still have plenty of battery left for tomorrow.

Dual night vision and ultra high-resolution cameras

It’s easy to get creative and take brag-worthy shots of your adventures with motorola one hyper’s ultra high-resolution cameras, with our innovative Night Vision technology on both the rear 64-megapixel camera and front 32-megapixel camera.

With a 32-megapixel pop-up selfie camera that conceals behind the display, you’ll be ready to shoot in less than a second, taking worthy selfies and beautifully detailed portraits that you’ll be proud to share. If you’re in the dark or in a place with low lighting, you’ll enjoy our innovative Night Vision mode and Quad Pixel technology that brings in 4x more light sensitivity. For those worried about accidental falls, the pop up camera has a drop protection mechanism that triggers it to automatically retract during a sudden drop or when the phone is flipped upside down.

The 64-megapixel ultra high-resolution main camera, also with Night Vision and Quad Pixel technologies, delivers unmatched clarity and unrivaled color accuracy in every shot. You get crystal clear details even when you crop and enlarge your photos. Plus, laser autofocus technology lets you focus instantly, even in the dark. When you want to take a photo as your eyes see it, you can switch to the 118° ultra-wide angle lens for sweeping shots that capture four times more of the scene.

Powered by Google CameraX

The photos you post on motorola one hyper look just as brilliant in your feed as they do when you snap them no matter what camera you decided to use. Thanks to the Google CameraX API, third party apps like Instagram can take advantage of Motorola’s camera AI technology, like HDR, Night Vision and Portrait Mode.

One-of-a-kind design

The innovative pop-up selfie camera eliminates the need for a bezel and maximizes screen real estate like never before. Say goodbye to notches and bezels and say hello to Motorola’s first truly edge-to-edge screen that gives you favorite content the viewing experience it deserves. Immerse yourself in the action and let your photos and videos come to life on motorola one hyper’s stunning 6.5” Total Vision display.

When it’s time to set your phone aside, there’s a helpful notification light at the back of the device that subtly illuminates in different ways to keep you updated without disturbing you. When you do want to check your notifications, they’re right at your fingertips thanks to Moto Display, giving you a quick preview without having to unlock your device.

motorola one hyper has a water repellent design that will keep your phone protected inside and out from spills and splashes while you’re on the move. Available in three unique and vivid color options, Deepsea Blue, Dark Amber, and Fresh Orchid, motorola one hyper offers a stylish and distinctive look that you’ll want to show off as much as the photos you take on it.

So whether you’re hopping on a flight to an exotic destination or just exploring your own city with your friends, you can be confident that motorola one hyper is ready for anything.

Unstoppable performance

Motorola one hyper uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 octa-core processor with advanced AI processing, which makes multi-tasking a breeze and boosts your gaming experience to the next level. Seamlessly get to the features you use most often, like your flashlight or your camera, with exclusive Moto Actions. The phone also gives you 4GB of RAM, so you can keep multiple apps open and move effortlessly between them.

motorola one hyper ships with clean, bloatware-free Android 10 software so you can enjoy a more streamlined user experiences and feel safe knowing your private data is more secure than ever. And with 128GB of built-in storage and up to 1TB expandable storage (sold separately), you don’t have to worry about deleting existing files or old pictures to make space for more content you love.



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