Is Facebook building its own operating system?

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Once again, rumors are circulating about Facebook's own operating system, with The Information website citing a source within the company and making significant disclosures.

According to the source, Facebook has reportedly asked Mark Lucovsky (co-creator of Microsoft Windows NT) to develop a new operating system to reduce its dependence on Android and iOS. It is not known if this operating system will be limited to mobile devices, but it looks like the most likely scenario, at least initially. Also, Facebook OS will be something completely different from social networking apps.

If the project turns out to be true, then such a move could be justified as the next step for the company to evolve and expand beyond what it has been used to in the first 15 years of its life. As stated by Facebook's Vice President of Hardware, Mr. Andrew “Boz” Bosworth,

        We want to be sure that there will be room for us in the future. I don't think we can completely trust our market or our competitors to secure our presence, so we have to act on our own.

With Facebook OS, the company could gain the freedom to improve and integrate new social networking elements. At the moment, Android and iOS might be limiting Facebook's action to the point of security and privacy, so having its own operating system makes sense to do whatever they want.



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