This is a fantastic stop-animation of Super Mario Bros. sketched on paper!

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Some people have a lot of imagination, some others know how to sketch amazingly, but those who combine these two and also are fanatical gamers, we love them a little bit more. Take as an example this guy (@KisaragiHuae6) who designed all of the Super Mario Bros. (World 1-1) on paper and created a fantastic stop-animation that you can watch on the video.

This is the first level of the game featuring Nintendo's popular hero in the game released in 1985 for the NES. It's not just a quick ride on the level! The designer has thrown an incredible job to make Super Mario break the blocks, get power-ups and "hit" the enemy Goombas!

For those who want to play Super Mario Bros., if you own the Nintendo Switch, you can do it through the online Nintendo Switch Online subscription service.



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