This is the new Xbox Series X!

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Microsoft has chosen the The Game Awards event to announce the official name of the next Xbox, and also to unveil some of its feature. So we officially welcome the Xbox Series X!

Apparently it looks like a PC tower or better black monolith that can be positioned horizontally or vertically, though it is true that we would expect something more aligned. The new remote is almost the same as the previous generation, but Microsoft stresses that it has been refined to be used comfortably by the majority of gamers, has a new share button for instant screenshot / video capture and sharing across platforms, the same D- Pad it with the Xbox Elite Series 2 and it will be compatible with today's Xbox One generation and Windows 10 PCs.

Each Xbox Series X package will include a remote control and according to Microsoft, the new generation will be 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X. The standard resolution has been confirmed to be 4K at 60fps, but some games will support up to 120fps and 8K resolution for some cinematics. In addition, the company is marking the placement of SSD storage for significant improvements in loading speed and backwards compatibility with all three previous generation Xbox games, all accessories and peripherals, and all services such as Xbox Game Pass and future Project xCloud.

Microsoft has confirmed that many gaming studios are already working on new titles for the Xbox Series X and one of them will be Sengua's Saga: Hellblade II.

The Xbox Series X will be released just in time for the holiday season of 2020 (November - December), but no mention has been made of its price.



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