Apple said to invest in satellite technology to support its devices


A new report from the Bloomberg network claims that Apple is investing in new satellite technology designed to provide support for its services and devices, 5 years from now. The project is at a very early stage for the time being, and it is not certain that it will move forward, but it is not clear whether Apple intends to "set up" its own satellites or take advantage of existing companies.

At this early stage there are a dozen company engineers, led by Michael Trela and John Fenwick, who have previously worked for Skybox Imaging, a satellite mapping company acquired by Google in 2014. Both have been hired by Apple in 2017.

If project development proceeds smoothly, then Apple could significantly improve and enhance its various services, most notably Apple Maps and location tracking, as well as improve signal and access. on the Internet to be more independent of the telecommunications providers.



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